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In the following days we delivered the first installment

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2022 6:10 am
by Bappy
The business was well equipped to function, but we realized that it did not have the appropriate facilities or the quality standards that our clientele deserved. The kitchen and other implements were very old, obsolete and were not industrial to withstand so much work, so we sold all the things for scrap to accumulate some savings for our food, since the merchandise that we had rescued was running out and another was damaging, like protein. This is how we managed to stay while the new restaurant opened, because there was a long time to go before we could start operations. Entrepreneur stories The first month of rent and services was already running, and we still couldn't sell, but all that was worth the great dream we were building.

The house was very deteriorated and did not meet the comforts that we wanted to provide. Of all the things, they only worked: 20 stools that were later refurbished, a saucer rack and 2 steel kitchen tables, one of which was sent for repair. At that time we thought that those $70 million pesos was a lot of money and at the same time it wasn't much, since what we were going phone database to achieve was to materialize a great dream that would transcend. Also, we realized that the house needed a lot of repairs and that, to open the restaurant, the budget that we contemplated from the beginning was not enough. So, I suggested to my partner Nieves that we go talk to the Doctor so that she would lend us $40 million pesos (approximately$9,900 dollars ) to cover the total cost of the work. When she arrived at her house, she received us with some chocolate, shortbread and cheese, and a big smile. When I saw her face, I said to myself: “This time she is going to lend us the money” , I felt very happy.


We explained the reason for our visit and she told us with a smile: “Now I see you with a business profile. I like the attitude! Now they speak differently, with more determination and conviction… I lend them the money on one condition: that they reinstate the partner Miguel” , this because Miguel was the employee she loved the most. We explained that Miguelhe left on his own, but we had no problem talking to him. She was very happy and agreed to give us the loan. Miguel was eventually reintegrated into society. The next day, we went to the Chamber of Commerce to formalize our company made up of 8 people. Then the construction masters that we had hired arrived. To save costs, we ourselves were the construction assistants and the teachers assigned us the tasks to be carried out. I helped them until 11:00 AM and then I went to the parking lot to continue feeding the database. Then he returned at 4:00 PM to continue helping until 9:00 PM. Expectations were rising because we already had the premises and we had 700 potential clients on my agenda. Thus, every day, we continued to do our work as construction assistants with great happiness, because the work was progressing more and more and the dream of opening our restaurant was materializing